The Best Bows for the Creative Customizers

| Kenz Laurenz

Bow la la! Are you someone who likes to bust out your Cricut Machine and customize items? Maybe you’re into designing t-shirts. This is definitely a popular business popping up these days! How about setting yourself apart from doing JUST t-shirts? Have you ever thought about offering hair accessories? YOU TOTALLY SHOULD! One of our best sellers for customizing is hair bows. We’ve got what you need right here.  Kenz Laurenz has the best quality, prices, variety, and fastest shipping. 

We have some really talented customers who have been so thoughtful to share pictures of their creative pieces with us. Below you can see some fabulous hair bows a customer designed for a softball team. She took a light pink hair bow and added softball seams and a jersey number in a glittery silver color. They turned out so cute!



Our ribbon ponytail, clip, and classic clip bows come in various colors. You can choose from over 20 solid colors; we also carry some patterns and glitter bows. Shop our entire bow collection, and if you ever have any questions feel free to email us at or reach out on any of our social sites.  



We'll Hold Your Hair While You Do Life, 



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