It's Almost Pride Month

| Kenz Laurenz

June is Pride Month and it's almost here! While we here at Kenz Laurenz think you should always live your truth, we love that there is a month to CELEBRATE it. It is time to get ready for the awesome Pride parades, festivals, and shows! Raise your hand if you feel the need to be totally decked out in your rainbow gear *we are most definitely raising ours* 


At Kenz Laurenz we offer an amazing array of colors in all of our collections, so grab your besties, each of you chose a color, and go all out! Shop all of our gorgeous collections here. Find your faves and do ROYGBIV with 6 of your peeps. Some of our best sellers include:  Tie Headbands, Performance Headbands, Scrunchies, and Glitter Hair Bows. If you want to go full rainbow on your own you should snag one of these super soft and stretchy rainbow sweatband sets. This beauty is amazing for keeping the sweat out of your face too. We all know how hot it gets in June!


Now it's time for you to go LIVE OUT PROUD! Happy pride month, everyone!














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