Hair Tie Donation to George Washington University

| Kenz Laurenz

In February we had the pleasure of making up beautiful hair tie packs for a donation to George Washington University's School of Business.  The University will be using these Kenz Laurenz hair ties as a part of their gift bags for attendees, panelists, and keynote speakers. 

The ladies helping put this event together shared the following information about the conference:

"This is an amazing event that gives young women and men the tools to grow and develop the confidence to make a difference in the world through meaningful and powerful careers. Through our theme, "Power Your Purpose" we want to inspire the next generation of creative, collaborative, and conscientious leaders to explore finding a way to turn their passions into a rewarding career."

-Brittany Nguon and Amanda Gryga

The staff at Kenz Laurenz is all about helping those who are bettering the lives of others.  We believe that the GW Women in Business Conference will positively impact all people who are involved.  We are proud to be a sponsor!

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