Go Cheifs, Go Niners, Go Taylor's Boyfriend!

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What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas is not always the case.  On February 11th what happens in Vegas will be broadcast to the whole country.  This year on that date the country will be watching the Chiefs and the 49ers battle it out to be crowned Super Bowl Champions.  Whether you are watching from home, going to or hosting a Super Bowl party, or going to watch the Super Bowl live at the Allegiant stadium Kenz Laurenz has you covered for accessories.

This year is the clash of red and gold.  Both the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers have red and gold as their colors.  Since they have similar colors the Chiefs as the “home” team got to pick their jersey colors.  The 49ers will be wearing white jerseys and the Chiefs will be wearing red.

Kansas City Chiefs Hair Accessories   San Francisco 49ers Hair Accessories

Are you gearing up for the Super Bowl and want to show your team spirit in every way possible? Look no further than football-themed hair accessories! A headband or hair tie in your team's colors will not only look great but also show your support. You can take it a step further with temporary hair color spray in your team's colors or fun football-themed hair clips and pins. For a unique touch, try creating a stylish hairstyle like braids or a messy bun and accent it with pom-poms. With these accessories, you'll be the ultimate fan and ready to cheer your team to victory!

Football accessories rose earrings necklace hair bow hair ties

No matter what color jerseys they are wearing, Kenz Laurenz has the accessories to keep you stylish during the game.  The 49ers have a deeper red than the Chiefs so consider our maroon accessories if you are a 49ers fan and our red accessories if you are a Chiefs fan.  The Chiefs have a brighter gold tone than the 49ers so consider our athletic gold accessories if you are a Chiefs fan and our gold accessories if you are a 49ers fan.  If you are just a fan of football in general or are hosting a party and want to give out party favors, consider our football accessories.

Will you be more focused on the big game, Taylor Swift, or the food? This is a safe no-judgement zone, so you feel free to do you boo! Grab all the accessories you need to match your team, snag the red accessories to match T-Swift’s lipstick, or use your headband as a napkin. LOL Those babies are totally washable and will look as good as new after you run it through the washing machine! 

Thinking some of your guests might not dig the hair accessories? Don't sweat it, honey! (but if you do sweat our headbands will soak it all up for you so it doesn’t show ;) ) Our hair goodies are versatile AF! You can make a stunning garland with our football bows, sprinkle hair ties on tables for snazzy confetti party favors, and use team-colored elastics as glass markers or banister decorations. And don't forget our fancy football roses for that extra sleek touch! Trust us, these accessories are the ultimate party wingmen!

Get ready for lightning-fast shipping, top-notch quality, and unbeatable prices with our hair accessories! Let your imagination run wild as you plan your next epic bash, event, or sale with our customizable headbands and hair bows. These beauties are the perfect blank canvas to add your personal flair. Put names, numbers, hilarious sayings, or anything else your heart desires to create a unique masterpiece. It's also a fantastic opportunity to raise some extra cash for your squad or group. Host fundraisers, sell at your next match, or give the most amazing gifts ever! Get ready to rock and roll with our amazing hair accessories.

At Kenz Laurenz we are always here to help. Please feel free to reach out to us at any time with questions or concerns and if for any reason you're not satisfied with your order, feel free to return it for a full refund of the purchase price. We want our customers to be 100% happy with their purchase and experience! 

Go Cheifs! Go Niners! Go Taylor’s Boyfriend!



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