A Scrunchie Means Friendship and Love

| Kenz Laurenz

Who knew something as simple as hair scrunchies could mean something so substantial? A person gives another person a scrunchy to wear on their wrist and boom a beautiful romance evolves. But wait! What color should you give? The color of the scrunchies meaning must be significant here! Not sure what color to hand over? Kenz Laurenz has the best color selection and you can even find the meanings here.

Of course, gifting a scrunchie doesn’t have to be just for love. Hand them out to connect with friends. Send them a scrunchie hug if you will. Give them a blue scrunchie if they need to be inspired, give them a yellow scrunchie if they need some extra joy in their life, or give them a green scrunchie to bring them a little luck. Everyone could use a kind gesture in their life. Our soft and stretchy scrunchies make a great gift to wear as a hair accessory or bracelet. 

Go team! Fling scrunchies into the crowd at your next game, pep rally, or parade. They are so much fun to slingshot around using your hand (just ask my cat…she loves to chase them down the hallway)! Grab your team’s colors and hand out a party favor that will last and actually be used. 

Our scrunchies are always a great item to have tucked away in your gift closet. They make a nice addition to a birthday, thank you, or get well present. You can also use them as the “bow” when wrapping gifts. Secure it to the top of the present for an adorable look. 

All in all a scrunchy will make a fantastic accessory for everyone! This super lush scrunchie is loved by women, girls, teens, guys, and kids. The velvet fabric and stretchy elastic make these enjoyable to wear. They are so good for thin to thick hair types. Wear them with your daily outfit of the day, while playing sports, on a special occasion, or lounging around the house. Wear our scrunchy for dance aerobics, gymnastics, equestrian, yoga, pilates, barre, or any other low-impact sport. Throw these ponytail holders in a goody bag as party favors or wrap them around your top knot for added pizzazz. Collect one in each color!


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