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Shamballa Bracelet Rhinestone Black

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Meaning of colors in your Shamballa Bracelet Each color in a Shamballa Bracelet has a different and fascinating meaning. The theory of colors relates to the colors in the Shamballa Bracelet you buy. The color you select promotes the feeling of well-being with the color associated to the emotion or physical condition you wish to develop. Our eyes are the organ we most obviously associate with being sensitive to light which we then interpret as seeing different colors. There is research which suggests other parts of the body may be sensitive to different wavelengths of light (meaning different colors), and these areas are called Chakra named after a Sanskrit word meaning wheel; as they are thought to be wheels of good energy. There are believed to be 7 different Chakra each one associated with a color and specific feeling of well-being. Black Shamballa Bracelet Black is the absence of any light and is associated with strength, authority, power, elegance, formality, and mystery. It is also thought of as a formal, elegant, and prestigious color, and is currently the best selling Shamballa Bracelet which most people buy first.