20 Pack of Hair Ties You Pick Colors

20 Pack of Hair Ties You Pick Colors
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Product Description

20 Pack of Elastic No Tug Hair Ties

You Choose any combination by picking "Emailing my color choices..." or Let us pick the Best Sellers by picking "Mixed" ....Easy!

Tons of hair tie colors to choose from: Solids or Prints! No glitter please.

Mix and Match...

HAIR TIE LIST 8.31.16 SOLIDS: black, white, brown, blue, bubble gum, cream, silver, red, turquoise, coral, tan, gold, hot pink, teal, purple, orange, yellow, green, light pink, light blue, light purple, light yellow, peach, taupe, sunflower, pumpkin, navy, forest green, grey, neon pink, neon yellow, neon orange, neon green

CHEVRONS: black/white, red/white/blue, grey/white

DOTS: black/white, green/black, red/white, blue/white, pink/white, gray/white, purple/white, white/black

ANIMAL: cheetah, black/white zebra, tan tiger

TIE DYE: rainbow, neon green/neon pink, pink/white/blue, green/blue, graffiti

AZTEC: black/white

GOLD STRIPES: black/gold, white/gold

MISC.: swirl white, swirl grey, white floral, pink floral, green floral, pink lace, black/white hound's tooth, black lace